Accounting for stitch count fees

The way embroidery stitches are priced is a custom method of calculating pricing for a finished product. Design costs or "costs per stitch" should not be included in your recipes or in your manufactures as they will then be included in COGS. As COGS calculations should only include materials, this will lead to incorrect end of year tallies.

Processes such as stitch count, are assumed to be part of the markup for each product and as thus there is not a separate way of tracking these within Craftybase. 

To ensure that you have included service costs in your pricing guidance you could consider increasing your labor rate or markup percentage to reflect this additional service charge.

If you are adding embroidery designs on products that customers bring to you, such as monogramming, this would be considered a service rather than a manufacturing process. To ensure that this revenue is captured within Craftybase, you can add a product to allow adding this cost as an order line item - it is not required to manufacture this product.

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