About product measurement types

A product measurement type is the unit of measurement you'd like to track and manufacture your product in. It can be a standard unit (such as ounces, grams, etc.) or a non-standard unit (strand, bag, box, etc.). By default, your product's measurement type will be set to "item". 

You can add any measurement units you wish to use. Using units from our list of standard units will mean that some conversions will be able to be automatically done for you.

Change a product's measurement type

To change the measurement type for a product:

  1. Navigate to your Products list page.
  2. Select the Product you want to edit the measurement type.
  3. Click the Edit button located at the top right of the page.

  4. Go to the Additional Details heading.
  5. Change the type within the Measurement Type text box.

  6. Click Save Product
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