Handling non-inventory attributes

If you have variation attributes on an integration that you don't wish to track within Craftybase, you can restructure your variation attributes so that they don't create variations containing the attribute. This will mean you can track your stock in the way that makes the most sense to you.

To do this, you'll need to merge all variation attribute values within the unneeded attribute together so that you only have a single value left. Rename this to "None" (or something that represents the grouped attribute).

This will reduce down the number of variations to the ones you wish to track. Your "ignored" variation attribute will still exist on each variation as your default value but due to the fact there is only one value, it will not produce multiple combinations.

For example, I have two variation attributes called "Shape" and "Color" that are imported from Etsy. 

I have four variations currently created from orders and manufactures I have made:

  • Variation #1: Triangle | Blue
  • Variation #2: Triangle | Red
  • Variation #3: Square | Green
  • Variation #4: Square | Blue

If I wish to only track the Shape attribute, I can merge together all attribute values under Color to a single value of "None".

This will mean I now have the following variations:

  • Variation #1: Triangle | None
  • Variation #2: Square | None

From this point, if I import an order for any colour it will only decrease stock for the Shape variation.

Note: once variation attribute values are merged together, they cannot be unmerged, so if you do think you may need to track this attribute within Craftybase at a later date this solution is not recommended.

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