Handling "made to order" products

Products made based on customer request (known as "made to order" or "bespoke" products) can be tracked either as separate products in Craftybase or (if the modifications between each product are small) tracked as new variations under a product.

If you sell and manufacture only a single quantity for the product or variation, material costs and COGS will use the exact material cost of production (and not the default rolling average cost).

Recipes are not required to be created for products or variations as the materials used for each manufacture can be configured each time. If using variations to handle customizations, you can consider creating a recipe at the product level with your common materials to save time.  

A suggested workflow is below:

1.  Add a new order and also create a new product to represent the custom product. You can do this in a single step by clicking on the + icon within the product search box for the line item. Note: if the order was placed via a connected Integration then this order and product/variation will already be created for you, so this step can be skipped.

2. Save the order. If you have added a new Product or Variation, you'll notice that your Available stock will now show as a negative number to represent the fact that an order has been placed but you haven't created stock for it yet. 

3. When you have made the product, create a Manufacture for the Product / Variation to increase your stock and decrease your material stock on hand. You can optionally link this manufacture with the order line item by following the instructions here:  How do I link a manufacture with an order line item?

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