Product stock level troubleshooting

My Available stock is showing as a negative

If your Available stock is showing as a minus / negative value, this usually indicates that you have more placed orders than manufactures created. It can also indicate that there is an incorrectly entered Inventory Adjustment.

For more information on how best to handle the backdating of past stock creation, please see our Inventory Bootcamp eBook.

Initial Imports from Integrations

When you first import new products from your Integrations, you will find that all products will be shown as "out of stock" with a quantity of zero or a negative amount. This is because we can only import and populate your sales information from your Integrations and thus have no information about your current or past manufactured quantities that you used to fulfill these orders.

When I import my "Blue Hat" listing from Etsy, it will display as -4 and "out of stock" as I have made 4 sales of this listing.To reconcile this with your current stock levels, you will need to either: a) Add a starting adjustment to represent your switch from your previous system to Craftybase and/or b) Add either manufactures back to your desired start date to ensure that all orders have been costed with a manufacture. Example:I have 10 "Blue Hat" products available in stock, so I should add either a Manufacture of 14 for this product to account for the 4 sold and the 10 in stock, or adjust my Starting Inventory to 14.

Please note that this is only required whenever you import from an Integration for the first time. Moving forward, all stock levels are built from previous history so your stock levels will automatically calculate from your daily imports and your manually entered manufactures / adjustments.

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