Refresh a listing from Etsy

Listing data can be updated from Etsy individually, or you can use the Etsy Importer to update all Listings in a particular date range.

To update a single Listing:

  1. Go to your Products List and click on the product currently linked to the listing you wish to update
  2. On the product detail page which appears, click on the Listings tab
  3. Click the name for the listing you wish to update
  4. On the listing detail page which appears, click on the Resync button

The listing title, description, state and price will be updated with the latest data that we find on Etsy. 

Updating your Listing will NOT update product data. As products can be linked to many listings across multiple sales channels, any changes to title, description or photo on the listing needs to be updated manually on the product if it already exists in Craftybase.

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