Partially refund items from an Etsy order

If you have an order where a partial refund has been provided to the customer, this will be imported as an order adjustment and your new order grandtotal will reflect this. If no items have been returned or exchanged as part of this refund, then no further action needs to be taken. 

All orders less than one month old will be checked for changes daily, so any partial refunds applied in this period will be automatically updated for you. If the order is over a month old, then you may need navigate to the order page and  resync the order with Etsy to bring the changes through.

If you have partially refunded an Etsy order and the customer has also returned / exchanged a product in the sale, then you will also need to adjust your inventory in order to account for this. You can either add inventory adjustments to account for the changes in stock, or alternatively if you would like the order to correctly represent the new items you can remove the entire order and manually add it again with the new items.

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