Reindexing data

Learn what occurs when your data is reindexing.

On occasion, to improve performance, we may need to perform a full reindex of your data. During this time, you may find that your lists and search results may not contain the full set of data you have in your Craftybase account.

This is because we maintain two databases for your data - one is the database itself, and another is in our search engine. Most lists and searches run directly from our search engine rather than the database for performance reasons.

The reindexing process ensures that all items in the database appear in the search engine and are classified correctly so that you can perform sorting, filtering, and searching.

It's important to note that although your lists may be temporarily missing data, all data is safe and fully protected during the reindex.

When your reindexing has been completed, all data should then appear as usual. 

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