Troubleshooting Amazon Imports

Craftybase uses Amazon Selling Partner API to integrate directly with Amazon to have the broadest possible feature set: managing inventory, orders, fulfillment, and more. Amazon has introduced sweeping changes to their Data Protection Policy, which all third-party vendors must follow. Craftybase has changed how we handle PII (Personally Identifiable Information) for Amazon orders and customers to fully comply with these new security standards.

What is PII?

Amazon defines PII as "information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate an individual (e.g., Customer or Seller), or to identify an individual in context." 
This includes, but is not limited to: 
  • Buyer's first and last name
  • Buyer's email address
  • Buyer's phone number
  • Buyer's address details
  • And more - please check out Amazon's DPP page for more information. 

What are the changes that Amazon is making?

According to the new policy, the above information can be retained by 3rd party platforms (like Craftybase) within an Amazon order for only as long as it is necessary to fulfill orders. Once the order is fulfilled and 30 days have passed, the Amazon customer details associated with the order must be removed. 

How will this affect the Craftybase integration?

This will cause several changes with how Amazon customer data is retained in Craftybase:
  • FBM and FBA orders will record the customer's PII for only 30 days after the order is marked as fulfilled or canceled - after that, Craftybase will remove the PII from the order.
  • For all historical Amazon orders (specifically orders placed before the 30-day limit) that have been fulfilled, the customer's PII will be removed to meet this Amazon requirement.

Once the system is notified that the order has been shipped and 30 days have passed since the shipped date the address will be removed from the order and the customer's name will be replaced with " Redacted from Amazon"

Affected areas (what data will be removed):

  • Order contact and address information 
  • Customer record and addresses

What if an Amazon customer orders again?

If the customer has ordered again and is within the 30 days, their details will remain with the most recent order but will be removed from any orders older than 30 days.
If a customer orders again and their details have already been removed from Craftybase, then the PII will be included with the order, and a new customer generated in the system. Previous orders will not be linked and the details will be treated as a new customer in Craftybase.
The above change will happen automatically, no need to make changes to your Amazon settings. 
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