About product profitability

Your profitability area shows a summary of revenue, purchases, and the estimated profit margin for the product based on your order history.

Finding product profitability tallies

To find your profitability tallies:

  1. Navigate to your Product Detail page.
  2. On the page that appears, the profitability box appears as a blue box on the right-hand side.

Gross Revenue This is the total (ex-tax) revenue amount taken for all orders for the product.

This is the total amount for all non-material (indirect) purchases linked to the Product.

Note: This figure does not include your material purchases for the order, as this is included in the Material Cost.

Material Cost This is the total calculated material cost of all shipped orders for the product.
Gross Profit

This is the estimated amount left after purchases and material costs are removed from your ex-tax revenue for the order. The percentage in brackets indicates your gross margin.

Note: Overheads and labor are not included in this tally.

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