About product profitability

Your profitability area shows you a summary of revenue, expenses and your estimated profit margin for the product using your order history.

Gross Revenue: This is the total (ex tax) revenue amount taken for all orders for the product.

Expenses: This is the total amount for all non-material (indirect) expenses linked to the Product. Note: this figure does not include your material expenses for the order, this is shown in Material Cost below.

Material Cost: This is the total calculated material cost of all shipped orders for the product.

Gross Profit: This is the estimated amount left after expenses and material costs are removed from your ex tax revenue for the order. Note: Overheads and labor are not included in this tally. The percentage in brackets indicates your gross margin.

Finding product profitability tallies

To find your profitability tallies:

  1. Navigate to your Product Detail page
  2. On the page that appears, the profitability box appears as a blue box on the right hand side.
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