Advice and help from the Craftybase Team.

Getting Started

Help with basic concepts and getting started with Craftybase.

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Guides & Tutorials

In-depth guides and tutorials on how to get the most out of our features.

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What's New?

Check out updates and new features.

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Account management

Information on configuring your account level settings.

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Products represent the items you sell.

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Materials are used to track the raw ingredients you consume to make your products.

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Recipes contain lists of the materials you use to create your products.

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Variations are designed to handle small differences within the same product.

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Manufactures increase your product stock and decrease your material stock.

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Purchase Orders

Purchases are used to track costs and to increase your material stock.

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Orders track your sales of products to customers and decrease your stock on hand.

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Components (or sub-assemblies) increase material stock when manufactured.

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Details on the reports we offer within Craftybase.

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Customer & Vendor management

Customers and Vendors are both tracked via the Contacts feature.

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The Consignment feature is used to track inventory sold from consignment locations.

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Traceability & Compliance

Information about our compliance and lot tracking features

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How the stocktaking feature works in Craftybase.

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Listings are the external product references on your connected sales channels.

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Pricing guidance

How to create pricing tiers and generate pricing guidance for your products.

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Categories can be used to group together things that have similar qualities.

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Quantity Types

Quantity types track the different measurement units you manufacture in.

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General guidance articles about Craftybase.

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Information on the integrations Craftybase currently supports.

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Common questions about Craftybase subscriptions.

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