How do I handle a manufacture that produces more or less than the batch recipe yield?

If you have made less than the quantity expected using the same materials as a usual batch, you can set the Actual Quantity of a Manufacture to reflect the amount made. 

This will ensure that the materials will be deducted as per a regular batch, however your product stock will only be increased by the amount you enter as the actual quantity.

Example: A soapmaker produces batches of soap bars. Each batch is supposed to ideally make 12 bars from the ingredients, but occasionally the batch will end up producing 10, 11 or even 13 bars. As the batch size is usually 12, the recipe for this product would be configured to 12. For my  Predicted Quantity, I would enter 1 as I have made a single batch of 12 bars. This would set my Actual Quantity made to 12 and my materials would update with their usage automatically. From here, I would then change the Actual Quantity to 13 to represent the amount of stock I want to increase my stock by. Changing the Actual Quantity doesn't update any material stock levels, so they will remain exactly as they were for the 12 batch quantity.

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