Why do I have a Custom Amount product in my list?

With Square you can either create an order using the items in your Square store, or charge the customer an amount directly without any items. This is registered in Square as a  Custom Sale Amount and will appear when imported in Craftybase as an order line item linked to a product called Custom Amount.

Orders that are processed via a third party site (such as BigCommerce) will also be imported as Custom Amount items as this is what is recorded within Square.

If you would like to associate the Custom Amount order line item with a different product within Craftybase, you can do this via the Edit Order form. In the search box for the product where Custom Amount is displayed, search and select the product you would like to associate the order with and then save the order. Detailed steps can be found in our help article here: How do I associate an order item with a different product?

If your order quantities or unit costs need to be changed, you can either create a new product with a different sales quantity, or alternatively you can copy the order to make it editable and then delete the imported version.

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